Sunday, May 31, 2009


Stacey Julian stated that you can only scrap in the way that you are organized. She's so right. Since I got married, I've been taking digital photos and storing all of them on my laptop. Those photos are organized and I've scrapped myself up to date with them. Yes, I'm caught up.

But most of my earlier photos, from my childhood and after college years are printed out and tossed into boxes somewhere. Those are not organized. I'm not really caught up. But I've made the decision to scrap in digital, so having those paper photos doesn't help me any.

Today, I picked up the first of not that many albums and started scanning. It took all morning, but I have finished well over half of that album. The photos are scanned at a fairly high resolution, so that if possible, I can blow the pictures up a little bit and not have them look too horrible. I'm also planning to use up the paper pages I finished with no photos on them and put some photos on layouts.

I might not have pictures organized for all of my life, but the first few years are organized and the most recent four years are organized. It's a step in the right direction.

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