Saturday, January 21, 2012

I am a PC

But I also own an i Pad2. At the moment, I'm restoring the apps that were lost when a file was corrupted in the midst of an upgrade. Sigh. The upgrade went through, but a long list of apps did not make it.

I invest time, not money into sprucing up my digital toys. I have paid for one app for my Kindle Fire. One. Every other app has been free. For the iPod touch, my cell phones (well, not the ringtones, but I don't do a lot of those) and so on.

I'll pay lots of money for a quality app. But I'm not interested in trying to run Office or Photoshop on my i Pad.

Friday, January 20, 2012

No Longer Shopping

Last year, I made a resolution to shop less. This year, I realized that I don't shop anymore. I got to the point where I looked at the new kits and I thought, "I've already got something a lot like that," and I didn't buy it. Then I stopped looking.

I'm not saying that I've got the worlds most complete stash. Far from it. But I've gotten enough of the classic kits that I prefer to work with and I've learned enough about Photoshop that I don't need to buy anything more to create a layout that is pleasing to me.

I create because I need to do things that please me.