Monday, April 29, 2013


I'm not a computer geek for nothing. Ignore the 'Loading' screen. Press on with the re-installation of the software. Uncheck the pre-selected items that make no sense. Make sure the darned thing is plugged in and charging. Go away and do something else. Et voila! One functioning Gypsy.

Then I had a small cleaning fit and re organized a storage shelf. Or three. Not a big deal. I just made labels, alphebetized a set of books and put heavy stuff down low and lighter stuff higher up. 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gypsy Problems

There are times.....

I am trying to get my Gypsy connected to the Cricut Craft Room. This is taking a lot longer than I had hoped it would. I've had to reload the updates to my Gypsy twice now. Or rather, I'm in the middle of the second attempt. It almost made it once but then, foolish me, I attempted to make a purchase while the Gypsy was connected to my computer. I got the dreaded 'Loading' screen, but I simply ignored it and went through  updating the Gypsy a second time.

I'm glad I didn't try this with the Gypsy running on battery power. It would have given out around lunchtime. If nothing happens before bedtime, I'm gonna be frosted.