Sunday, January 20, 2013

Studio Space

The photograph at the top of my blog is the studio I set up in the house in Virginia. I loved it and I got a lot done there. I've set up a studio here in Florida, but I haven't really been able to create much in it. So, it is moving. We are giving up the formal living room and the dining room and are moving my stuff downstairs. The graphic here is what it will be laid out as. I'll have an area for paper, an area for sewing, an area to sit and read, and a nest for my embroidery. I don't quite have enough bookcases, but there just isn't enough room. So far, the left side of the room is pretty much in place. I need to measure my current steel shelving (which I'd love to replace) and see if it will fit where I'd really rather have a dresser.

When I say "we" are moving stuff, I'm really saying that I'm moving everything small to smallish. My husband and son will have to move my butcher block tables. My hope is that I can get enough things moved and put away, so the arrival of the tables doesn't cause too big of a mess. I'm trotting up and down the stairs a lot and the poor dog is freaking out, as she trots along beside me and somehow manages not to get in the way.