Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Anything Free

Is worth what you pay for it. I now know why the internet access around here is free. When it rains, there is VERY slow access. Things are freezing, failing to load, and it is very annoying to try to do something that should be pretty simple. If I could get access on a slow but consistent basis, I could deal. But it isn't consistent.


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Less Stress!

This job has some problems, but it doesn't have half the stress of the old one. Some of my job requirements are stricter, but there is a LOT less BS wrapped around the tasks of my day and it is easier to get my job done. Once we get a few issues resolved that were left over from the previous therapist (a walking, talking fruit loop), it will be even better.

Am I the only person dealing with less stress? Nope! Bud has left Fleet Pride and will be moving to a job where he will have a lot less stress. Some of our neighbors have left their high stress jobs and moved to less stressful positions, too!   Life all around is improving.

And now, I'm off to use up some crafting coupons and meet up with a friend for a pedicure. Can you spell 'contentment'? How about 'smug'?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Not Retreating, Not Progressing

Each week, I pack up stuff to haul with me out to Central Florida for the work week. I take projects to work on in the evenings. I try to limit the projects so I don't haul lots of stuff back and forth. This week, I brought fabric and my pattern. I forgot the box full of scissors, thread, and needles for my sewing machine. I couldn't sew as I'd planned. I have been watching videos instead. This is a poor substitute. As much as I love Avatar and Frozen, I'd much rather be watching these movies while completing my sewing projects at the same time.

I couldn't even prepare to sew because our washing machine broke. I couldn't pre-wash my fabric. I could have pre-washed it using the laundromat at the trailer park where I'm staying, but I didn't have enough quarters to both wash fabric and my work clothing. Now that I've collected enough quarters, I'll be heading home to a repaired washing machine tomorrow. Tonight, I'll pack up untouched fabric to take back home with me.

I feel a bit like the Red Queen. I'm running as fast as I can, just to stay in the same place.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Settling In

The job is OK. I am earning what I get paid. People are getting better and some are even going home. I drive about 4 hours, one way.

The travel trailer doesn't support the 830. The table isn't sturdy enough and I don't wish to leave the 830 for the weekends.  Do I think anyone would mess with my stuff on the weekends? Not really. The idea of hauling my new sewing machine back and forth every weekend is not appealing. It's enough that I haul my dirty laundry home. I am working with the 165E during the week and the 830 on the weekends.

I have discovered that Best Press is worth the effort and the price. I used it on fabric, and then folded the fabric and set it aside for a few days.  I barely had to touch the fabric with my iron before I had perfectly pressed fabric to use. The effort I'd put in to prepare the fabric for use was worth it. I looked around. Best Press might be cheaper on Amazon, but only if I don't have to pay for shipping.

 I was able to test King Tut thread for machine quilting. The thread is very fat and full. A small needle gave me skipped stitches. I put in a size 100 needle. Once I did that, I was successful. However, the change made me aware that I could not use the King Tut thread to quilt the same quilt I was using Aurifil thread on. The change in the threads would look odd. I'd get one type of look for the geese and a very different one for the sashing. I did not want that.  How did I make the King Tut thread work? I used it to make a fabric bowl. It came out well.

I am waiting for the Add a Quarter ruler that I ordered to come in. Once it arrives, I'll be able to get started on the Mariner's Compass quilt. Until then, I'm kind of just cutting fabric and trying not to panic.