Saturday, April 26, 2014

Less Stress!

This job has some problems, but it doesn't have half the stress of the old one. Some of my job requirements are stricter, but there is a LOT less BS wrapped around the tasks of my day and it is easier to get my job done. Once we get a few issues resolved that were left over from the previous therapist (a walking, talking fruit loop), it will be even better.

Am I the only person dealing with less stress? Nope! Bud has left Fleet Pride and will be moving to a job where he will have a lot less stress. Some of our neighbors have left their high stress jobs and moved to less stressful positions, too!   Life all around is improving.

And now, I'm off to use up some crafting coupons and meet up with a friend for a pedicure. Can you spell 'contentment'? How about 'smug'?

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