Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Insanity can be defined as performing the same action again and again, and expecting different results.

I've been creating my own graphics for the background of this blog. The center strip was too narrow for the text and the background was too small on a 17" monitor at high resolution. It wouldn't fill the browser space. Since my first attempt, I've created several more backgrounds, all with the same problems.

Why was I repeatedly creating backgrounds that were not right? That thumping sound you hear is me banging my head on my keyboard.

For a background that will work on a 17" monitor, I need to create a graphic that is 1920 pixels wide and 1200 pixels tall. A lot of the screen real estate is taken up by tool bars, scroll bars and so on, but the quick and dirty numbers are the same as the screen resolution.

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Karla Dudley said...

Ha HAAAAAAA!!! (totally not laughing AT you :) But man...I can feel your pain. I had issues with making my elements to small in my first kits that I mad. I felt like such a dork when I figured that out. But girl...you have some super talent making those backrounds in the first place so cudos to ya honey! Just make sure you don't put a hole in the wall kay? lol!!!

Chat soon,