Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Need A Pin

I need it to pop the overinflated balloon that is my head. I did a second fantasy layout of a friend of the family sitting on a mushroom. In the photo I took, he had been sitting on a park bench. I sent a copy to Wonderful Hubby who gushed over it and sent it to the friend. More gushing ensued.

Honestly? I didn't think I'd done enough work to have the layout qualify for that amount of praise. While everyone else sees an incredible layout, I see the things that I still need to learn. I wasn't pleased with the shadows that weren't there. I wasn't pleased with the different qualities of light. I've got a long mental list of the things that I'd like to get better at and do differently. I am a beginner in this style and my layouts show it.

But one thing hubby said made me crack up. "Jean can put you in a fantasy world sitting on a mushroom, and they can't come up with Air Force One in a picture of New York City without actually flying through the city and scaring everyone half to death."

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