Sunday, May 3, 2009

NSD Shopping Success!

OK, over at Studio Girls there is a designer named Lorie Davison. Go. Shop your little heart out.

Lorie's why I posted about extractions earlier. I wasn't sure, then I opened up her kits and started looking at the bits and pieces. I went back and bought more of her stuff. Yeah. She's that different and that good. I'm not sure if other designers are copying her, or if she's copying someone and just doing it really, really well. Methinks she's the leader of this fad and if she wasn't the one who started it, she's the be-all and end all of it.

I got so many kits that I ended up also getting (for free, from a different site) a Firefox plug-in called "Down it All" to manage the files. I set up that long list of files to download and went off to watch the NASCAR race. In Richmond. When I got back to my computer, all the files were downloaded.

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