Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sucking Down Tutorials...

I have discovered another source of tutorials for digital scrapping. The forums on some of the websites that sell digital scrapping kits. I kid you not, these ladies are giving away instruction for free that I'd pay good money to get. I just grabbed one from the Studio Girls website that is teaching me hot to get a layer to mold to the layer underneath it. Like when I've got crumpled paper and I want to put text onto it. Yeah. We've all fought with that one. You put the text down and adjust the opacity, but then the text goes all pale and faint.

Here's a link to the tutorial. It might turn you off, because there are no nifty pictures to go along with it, but I was just fine. The lady writing the tutorial also listed the reference she used. Hmmm.... Another book I might like to look at. I'll bet it's expensive. Perhaps I could find it through interlibrary loan?

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