Monday, May 18, 2009

One Step Forward...

I was searching for files I could use to practice some of the techniques in the book about Photoshop that I just reviewed. It was taking forever to search for the items. I had too many kits to look through. I needed to break the big set of kits into smaller sub-sets. I started by putting all my kits of alphas in a single directory. Then I put all my kits that were only paper into a directory. I created a couple of other directories that will work for how I sort through things. It wasn't a lot of time spent and it will speed up my searches a great deal. I realized that I'd taken a step towards the Ultimate Organization for digital scrapping files.

Ultimate Organization is when you throw sorting files by kit out the window and sort by embellishment, paper, overlay and so on. You can't sort by kit anymore, because you can't remember which kit had what. It's a big step for me. It would be how I admit to myself that I've got a whole lot of stuff. Refusing to admit it is costing me a lot of time sorting through my files.

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