Monday, June 1, 2009


I read several scrapbooking forums. Why? Because they often give me links to useful data. Today's useful link was to a discussion on a different forum where the lady gave directions on how to create a keyword list in a .txt format (use a new line for each keyword, tab in to indicate sub-groupings) and then import the file and either add to your current keyword list or delete the old one and install the new one.

If you can import, you can export. So I clicked on the icon at the top right of the keywords palette in Bridge and sure enough, I could export my list of keywords. I did that and then checked in the My Documents directory. There was a .txt file with all of my keywords in it! I knew there was a way to do this and I really wanted to make sure that I backed up that keywords list somewhere. I just didn't want to go digging through the documentation to figure it out. Now I don't have to because I learned it on a forum.

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