Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Public Pictures

There is much discussion going on about a lady who posted her family Christmas photo on her blog and had it show up in Prague, in an ad.

Well. That would be why you don't see a lot of layouts and photos of me and my family on this blog. Yes, I know, a blog is much more interesting if there are photos. I've got an incredibly good camera and I'm slowly learning how to use it. But I choose not to post a lot of photos of myself and my family. Not that I would mind showing up in Prague, but I'd much rather it was me visiting Prague (again) and not a photo of me, used without my consent.

If I were to post low resolution photos, I probably wouldn't have issues with them being nabbed. But since I'm low vision, I have a hard time posting something that I can't see well on my own blog. I can see it to post it, but when it shows up on my blog, I want to be able to enlarge it and examine the details.

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