Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Over Motivation?

I've got projects rolling around in my head that need doing. It all started last night when I put eyelets into inexpensive towels so we could clip them to our golf bags. Huge, useful eyelets, not 1/4 inch ones... I have the cutest anvil in the world, so it went well. When they say, " the setter on something solid, like concrete," they aren't kidding.

The project for today is going to be cleaning up a bit in my studio and putting some more pages together for my photo carousel. I got stuck on Thanksgiving of 2006 and I have some ideas at last. It may also be a day to go shopping for more carousel page protectors. Wednesday is coupon day at the store where I go to get them. I need two more packages and then I can say the carousel is full. Seven Gypsies has changed the stamp protectors slightly and I've been working on this carousel for so long that I've now got both types of page protector on it. It's not a huge difference and won't be visible to the average person looking at the carousel on display.

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