Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Still Reeling in Shock

I'm still wrapping my brain around that last epiphany. The idea of not scrapping every photo of my entire life is so enchanting to contemplate. I keep contemplating it. And running barefoot through it. I'm rolling around on the floor tossing the thought up into the air and laughing over it.

The next thought I'm addressing is to get rid of all of my paper stuff. I sort of want to do this and sort of don't. I realized that I like having the tools to do things and I like being able to just reach out and grab what I need to do something. The problem is that I'm not doing much with paper these days. Perhaps I need to get back to paper, so I can finish off the projects I've got in the pipeline and close up my shop smoothly.

I don't want to trickle off to nothing and have stuff all in a mess that must be sorted out when I have already damaged it through poor storage or something like that.

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