Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's Heavy!

I have put all the page protectors onto my photo carousel. I am still waiting to print out 8 more photos. The photos are in the page protectors, in order. There will be at least 212 layouts on this thing. I have completed 80% of the layouts and they are in the protectors, in order, mixed in with the photos.

The photo carousel is heavy. And I'm not talking about it's heavy like a bag with some paper and embellies in it, I mean it is 'I don't want to carry it around' heavy. It won't be going with me to a crop, should I decide to do a paper crop, instead of a digital one. It is just too big and heavy to drag around with me.

There is a risk that as I fill the protectors with layouts, I won't have enough space on the carousel for all of the layouts that I planned. The more bulky items I put on the edge of the page close to the center spine of the carousel, the less chance there is that all the layouts will fit.

I'm glad that I decided to pre-plan the carousel and put all of the protectors on before I had the layouts finished. The last few protectors were tricky because I didn't have room for my fingers to apply pressure to snap the protectors into place. If I had tried to put them onto a carousel with most of the protectors full of completed layouts, I might not have gotten them on or I might have damaged some of my completed layouts.

I have also realized that because of the fullness of the carousel, combined with how it must be displayed on a tabletop, extensive journaling is NOT a good thing. The viewer's head will be at an awkward angle and the pages won't spread out to offer a flat surface. I am reminded of horror stories from my youth about slides from family vacations being foisted on unsuspecting dinner guests. The ability to flip through quickly, without being required to spend time trying to read descriptions is a mercy I offer my dinner guests/victims.

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