Sunday, June 7, 2009


At the crop on Friday, I was looking through the photos that I'd scanned earlier that week and thinking that I didn't want to scrap all of those photos. I got one photo done and I could not bring myself to work on the rest. I was just sitting and looking at them and dreading having to come up with layouts for all those photos as well as all the photos from my childhood that I haven't scanned yet.

Then the epiphany struck. I do NOT need to scrap every photo I've got of friends and family throughout my entire life. Nope. I don't need to scrap them at all. I was only starting that task because other scrappers said that was their goal. It wasn't my goal. I had been telling myself that I should store those photos, sort them, file them, scan them... Frankly, if the house were to burn down, there are very few that I'd cry over losing. If I care so little about those photos, why would I want to scrap them?

I talked it over with hubby, who has very few photos of his own family. He's of the opinion that I should scan the few that I really like, to have a back-up copy, and put them all into slip-pocket albums and be done with them. I agree. Why do I have to do something just because someone else thinks it is important? I'm not going to scrap my entire life because someone else thinks that they need to do that. I'm going to scrap from when I started scrapping, which was shortly before I got married in February of 2007. From that point backwards in time, whatever I want to scrap is bonus. It certainly isn't required.

I have no children. What I do and create stops with me. One of my life goals is not to become one of those little old ladies who lives in a huge house full of oddball stuff that must be cleared out when they die. Oh, ugh. I want to go out with all ends tied up, a tidy house with minimal junk and a lot of memories of fun things that I did during my life. Those memories will be in my head, they won't be in a bunch of things that surround me.

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