Thursday, June 12, 2008

Not One More Step!

I've gotten to the point in my digital scrapping that I need to get my files organized. I want to use Bridge to keep paper, embellishments and such filed in a way that I can get to them when I want to. But I don't yet own Bridge. It looks like today is a shopping day. I will not allow myself to buy or download for free another digital scrapping object unless it is a download of CS3. If I keep getting one kit here, a set of paper there, just one really kewl group of embellishments, then eventually, I'll have this gigantic pile of items that I must tag and enter into Bridge, as a catch-up task. I hate trying to catch up.

Until I get Bridge, I'll continue to work on Disney projects. I got some progress made on Friday at the crop, then I went off to the graduation. Yesterday, I made a little more progress and I'd like to keep that up. One or two pages each day would be wonderful, but I doubt I'll be that productive. There's too much to do around the house.

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