Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Class Frustration

I'm using an older version of Photoshop than the class supports. I have had to do work-arounds to complete a couple of the steps. I knew that was going to happen and it wasn't upsetting. But this one, the brushes one, I'm going nuts. Versions of Photoshop don't have reverse compatible brushes when you go back far enough. So, the brushes that were sent out aren't working for me. I've got to convert them to a .png file and then create new brushes from those .png files.

The class materials don't cover this. Do I know how to use a brush? Nope, that's why I wanted to take this class. I can't use the brushes that were included in the course materials and the course doesn't cover how to make new ones. I'm not happy. I'm really not happy. I've gotten part of the way through the process, I've gotten files I can't open converted to files that I can open. That's step one. I don't even know how many other steps there are in the process.

When I post a question to the forum, I'm getting answers from other students. Some of them are using my version of Photoshop and most of them aren't. I don't trust their directions, though I know they are posting information to the best of their ability and knowledge. I HATE digging through a thread for an answer. I can do it, but I don't like it at all. That's why I took the class. I thought I would be following a set of directions from one person, not random advice from a group. I don't want to be taught by committee.

Jessica has had a lightning strike near her house and is running on one laptop, problably at greatly diminished speed and she has to share access with her hubby, who is administrator of her site. At some point, I know, she'll be back in and handling these questions. Right now, I'm dead in the water and ready to walk away from my computer for a while.

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