Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Key to Success

My mother always said that organization was the key to success. My organization is variable and so is my success. Getting Disney photos organized is ticking right along. I had a few of the expandable photo holders and they were not the right size for the boxes I had, but they were the right size for Disney. I'm printing out in order, sorting mostly by event and date and putting the prints into these Cropper Hopper expandable organizers. They were on sale, so I got a few. I'll probably need to get more. I have that many photos.

It feels good to get them printed out and organized. That's the just first step, but it's a big one. I've started looking through my idea books and making notes of the layouts that I'll use as base ideas. I've got plenty of patterned paper, I just need more plain paper that will match the patterned stuff. That might take careful shopping at a crop.

While I am working on getting my photos printed, I'm still working on Club Scrap kits. I used to be up to date, but I am now one month behind. On June 2, they will ship the new kit and I have not gotten a bit of the May kit done. I'm still working on April. Hmmm... There's usually a reason why something like that happens to me and I don't think it was the Disney trip that took up all my time. Club Scrap uses a system they call Assembly Line ScrapBooking, or ALSB. With their system, you get a set of instructions to create a set of layouts that uses up a kit with very little scrap paper. A scrap leftover from layout four will be used up in layout eight, for example.

Wonderful Husband doesn't like ALSB style that much. When I think about how much fun I have with the creative side of scrapping, I agree with him. That slowdown in working through the kits with the ALSB system is a clear signal that I want to return to the time intensive, more demanding, more creative layouts I used to do.

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