Monday, June 16, 2008

Digital Class and Paper Shipments

Today is Day 1 of Jessica's digital scrapping class. I've got mixed feelings. The start of the class has been plagued with technical glitches. Links to freebies that aren't for free any more and access given to an archive from the last class instead of files specific to our class. But the video instruction has been excellent. As I'd suspected, she's also a 'brain dump' kind of instructor and you get side note descriptions with a lot of extra information in them. I want to watch the videos more than once, they are so full of information. I am usually bored while watching instructional videos, because they are covering what I already know.

Club Scrap sends me regular shipments of paper, stamps and embellishments each month. Over time, I've increased my monthly order until I'm getting a large pile of paper each month. I hadn't realized how much paper I got until I stopped following the guide they have each month for making layouts and just let the paper collect. At the end of the month, I had a lot of paper!

There have been months where I've not only used up all the paper they sent, I've ordered extra and used that as well. I'm creating a lot of layouts. I'm not putting them into albums. I don't own enough albums to put them into. I'm not quite sure how or when, but I really need to fix that.

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Simply Complicated said...

Hey there Jean, this is Kim from Jessica's class. I know exactly what you mean about the class. Her videos were easy to follow though, I have to say I was liking it.

Just wanted to pop in and say hi!