Thursday, June 5, 2008

Careful Shopping Success

I wanted a Cricut Expression. I shopped on-line and though I might find it at a cheaper price, I'd have to pay shipping and it would end up to be more. I had my pennies put aside and just waited for a local sale. Patience paid off today. There was a notice in my in-box about a local sale (check the link for Paris) and I have just gotten home with a big Bug, four cartridges, five inks, one cutting mat and an instruction manual on a CD. I feel like that should be set to the tune of a holiday carol...

It's out of the packing, set up on the able and I feel like a bit of a fool, because I don't know how to get it to open up. My little bug has a button I press and then it pops open so i can use it. I don't see a button on the big bug. I will simply stare at it a bit longer and something will present itself, I'm sure. When all else fails, I'll read the directions.

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