Saturday, June 14, 2008

Effort for Results

I am continually creating not only things, but myself. I have been working very hard lately on keeping a positive mental attitude. This would amaze folks who think of me as a perpetual sunny day kind of person. But this sunny day person gets grumpy at times. Often I get grumpy at the wrong things, or for the wrong reasons. I've been practicing doing things to make myself think happy thoughts instead of becoming grumpy for the wrong reasons. I listen to happy music, I repeat happy phrases to myself or I just think of one of my many, many blessings. I'm not getting grumpy nearly as often for the wrong reasons. In fact, some things are losing their power to make me upset at all. I like realizing that.

On another front, I'm also creating a scrapping/papercrafting space in my basement, where I can work and be closer to my Wonderful Husband. The first step was going into the basement and moving things around a little, so I'd have space to work with. Now, I'm working on creating shelving for stamp display and storage. We got two ten foot lengths of 1 x 4 and I'll be painting them white after I cut them to length and sand them a little. Then Wonderful Husband will hang them on the wall and I'll have stamp storage.

For all that I will have 20 feet of shelf space for stamps, I can fill that much and more. I've just finished measuring my collection, which is currently in rows four to six deep on the meager shelving that I have now. I might not have gotten enough wood.

Here is the space at the start of this project, as it looks right now. The walls are a pale blue, the carpeting is gray. The opposite corner of the room contains my sewing furniture and the ironing board. You can see less than half of the room in this photo, it's more like 1/3.

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