Friday, June 13, 2008

Classes in Digital Scrapping

I signed up for a digital scrapping class from Jessica Sprague. Jessica's class isn't cheap, but I think it will cover a lot of material. It's full, but she offers these classes regularly. It will start on Monday, and run for a month. It's a self paced, video guided class and having listened to and watched videos from her, I think she has a good speaking voice and she can explain things well. While she's not so specific as to make you feel like you are in a remedial class, she gives detail and explains what you need to know.

Years and years ago, my mother and I took a summer school class on calligraphy. We worked our fingers to the bone and learned at least five different hands in one class. A year later, we looked at the course descriptions and realized that to learn the same amount, we would have to take four classes. And the class we'd taken was the same cost as one of the newer classes.

As my mother would say, "You don't have to hit me in the face with a wet mop." I have ever after been careful about selecting classes for content as well as for price. A set of cheap classes that don't cover much isn't a bargain compared to a more expensive class that covers a lot of material.

My only concern is that I will not be able to keep up. Because I am self taught, I have odd 'holes' in my skills. I might know a few advanced techniques, but not know a basic one. And I'm working with an older version of Photoshop, which I still haven't updated. I could dash out and grab a copy of Elements, but I want Bridge to manage my files, and I don't think Elements comes with Bridge. I haven't ever bothered to check. I do enough photo editing that I really want the full version of Photoshop.

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