Monday, September 15, 2008

Why Digital?

I used to paper scrap in Recollections, which was all of three miles from my house. They closed. I have a nice studio, but I miss having an entire store to poke through when I needed an embellie, a stamp, some ink or anything at all. To duplicate that would require a stash of a size I'm not willing to have.

When I work in digital, I can shop as I work using the Internet. I download what I need and I can use it again and again. I can change colors and sizes, too. It is cheaper to digiscrap. Even adding in the cost of the computer, it's cheaper than buying the supplies and tools for paper scrapping. Not only did I have to buy all the stuff, I had to buy things to store it and to carry it back and forth to crops.

I like manipulating paper and creating physical objects. I'll probably never give up paper cropping. But I can see myself moving to more and more digital cropping. Especially as I use up the small stash I had from shopping at Recollections.

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