Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thanks, I'll Find My Own

A lady I know (only through on-line contact) who does Photoshop stuff for digital scrapping suggested that I get a Vizros plug in for Photoshop so I could curl ribbons and pages. It sells for about $20.

A book I got from the library suggested that I get AV Bros Page Curl Pro to curl ribbons and the corners of pages. It sells for about $50.

I wasn't sure where I wanted to place my bet. They both have free downloads I could use to test the functioning. I went to the Adobe site and got a link to a website that had reviews of the plug ins. The one suggested by the book received 4 out of 5. The one from the lady got 3 out of 5.

Page Curl Pro costs twice as much. It gets better reviews. An extensive manual is included in the free downloads. The website is in multiple languages, indicating an international audience. I'll download their demo/trial version first.

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