Monday, September 22, 2008

Cover Art

All of the digital paper and embellishments came from lie fhung, of ZTAMPF! Can you tell she is my current favorite digital designer? I used her Balinesia, Phrench Phoebe, and Structure kits with the occasional element from elsewhere.

The digital part of the tissue box cover is done. These are going to be the sides of the box. I created all of my layouts at 4.375 inches wide and 5.25 inches high. Photo shop rounded my .375 to .38 for 3/8 of an inch. To get them to print out at that size, I then put my layouts on a 5"x7" transparent background and saved them as 300 ppi .jpgs. That extra step is important. If I'd skipped it, my photo printer would have cut the image smaller to get the correct ratio of width to length and then printed them at 5x7. Because I had white space surrounding the image inside the file, they printed out with a white border around them that I can easily cut away to get images exactly the size I want.

For my next trick, I will work on cutting chipboard to size for the sides and top and figuring out the best way to attach the photos without ruining them. I've had poor results with ModPodge; it left the surface tacky and things stuck to it. Lamination will not work. I don't want a clear edge around each photo.

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Riley said...

All these pages look great!!