Thursday, September 18, 2008

Layout Guides

The local library provided me with a couple of reference texts. I solved the layer issue.

I've been thinking about layout guides like Page Maps. Most of the multi-photo layouts assume that you are going to crop or print most of your photos smaller than 4x6. For the 'average snapshot' about 1/3 to 1/2 of the photo can be cropped away because it is boring background. The multi-photo layouts for this type of photo will work very well.

I try not to take 'average snapshots.' Cropping them down to 2x2 or even 4x4 isn't usually possible. I'd rather not print them smaller, because I want people to see the photos. I can't use most of the multiphoto layouts available. I create most of my pages with three or four photos. That leaves me with room for a few embellishments, journaling and a title.

I'm a photographer and writer who scrapbooks, not an embellishment and paper user who takes pictures. For me, scrapbooking isn't about the embellishments and the paper, it's about the photos and the journaling.

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