Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Case of the Ahas, Again

I was driving home after last night's crop and talking with my wonderful Hubby. I'd packed my crop tote they way I used to pack it, with a selection of embellies, some paper and a pile of photos that I wanted to scrap. I had a wonderful, productive time and I didn't touch a single piece of Club Scrap paper.

While the Club Scrap Assembly Line ScrapBooking system might be fast, it might be easy, it might get me a lot of finished pages in a very short time, it isn't the way I like to work. So, I won't use that system any more. I'll go back to the way that I like to scrap, which might be slow, it might be more difficult and it might take me a long time to get a lot of pages done, but I love the way my pages turn out.

Wonderful Hubby doesn't care for the ALSB pages, either. So. Instead of finishing up the kits I've got stashed away using the ALSB system, I'm going to pull the paper out and file it by rainbow color and use the paper up that way. I've got a lovely stash and if I need colors that go together, I'll have them. The paper is excellent quality and I do not think I wasted my money on it, I was just wasting effort trying to make the ALSB system work for me when it doesn't. Not as well as my own style works for me.

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