Friday, September 19, 2008

A Case of the Ahas!

I was trying to create an 'explosion' of embellishments and layers similar to the one on the home page of Ztampf! and I was having an awful time. In my head, things should be cascading off the edge of the paper. On my screen, it didn't look right.

Aha! Instead of working on a page that is 12"x12", I need to open a new file that is 14"x14" instead. That way, when I put 12x12 paper on it, there will actually be an edge for the layers to fall over. I kept looking at that sample and wondering what I wanted to do next on my attempt to imitate it and not coming up with the next step. I'd boxed myself into too small of a space. And it's virtual space at that.

I always feel a little silly after an Aha! moment. It's so obvious in retrospect, but before I had it, I really was stuck.

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