Sunday, April 26, 2009

Still Not Full

I have just printed out 94 more photos for the carousel. Because of the size, 5.5" x 7", there will be one photo per layout. My hubby had to learn to take photos, so in our early time together, there aren't a lot of pictures of either of us. I've gotten 2006 and 2007 printed out. If I add in the photos from 2009, the photo carousel will be full. I had been watching for sales and using coupons to get the page protectors, a few at a time. I will need a lot more.

Wow! Almost three years worth of photos to fill this carousel. And in 2008 and 2009, I got out the camera for almost every sneeze and hiccup. Mowing the lawn? I've got pictures of it. Making dinner? Sleeping on the sofa? Yup. I can't imagine trying to fill this carousel if I weren't such a shutterbug.

On a slightly different note, I'm realizing that there is one group of photos that I don't know where they are. I thought they were all on my external hard drive, but since I've gone through the sets, I haven't found them. They are probably on my back-up drive. At least they should be. I don't always keep every single photo on my external drive. But now that I've finally gotten them all organized, I know that there are some missing.

Off to West Virginia today. I'm hoping to get photos of rocks, trees and flowers, along with a few of people.

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