Monday, April 27, 2009

Final Numbers

I have finally finished enough layouts on the 7 Gypsies Photo Carousel to come up with some numbers.

I am putting 35 page protectors on each of the three sections, for a total of 105 two-sided pages. That will be 210 layouts. My carousel will be full and balanced. A carousel with fewer pages, as in perhaps 30 or 25 per section would also be full and not skimpy. I'm on the side of almost, but not quite overstuffed. Since the page protectors come in sets of ten, I might squeeze in a few more, so I don't have extras to store.

I printed out photos that chronicle the two and a half years Bud and I have been together. I included pictures of our family and friends. I still need at least 8 more to fill the carousel and I have even printed out pictures from yesterday, when we were up in West Virginia, hiking around. I'm not worried. By the time I finish all the layouts and am looking for more photos, there will be plenty for me to choose from. The deer didn't make the cut and are not on the carousel.

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