Saturday, April 25, 2009

Printing Photos

Because I couldn't solve my file organization issue, I started to work on something completely different.

I sorted through my photos from meeting Bud forward and got them into year files, subdivided into events, and everything is filed by date and name of event. I pulled out copies of files that I wanted in my photo carousel and I'm printing them.

At least, I'm trying to print them. The problem I ran into was that I didn't use sequential numbering in my cameras at the time and I've got different photos with the same number/name. I can't select all the pictures that I want and put them into one directory or I'll overwrite them. Great. I only have to do the last five months of 2007.

We were really busy for that period, with house guests for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. I've got a lot of photos to print.

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