Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Carousel Progress

Thank goodness for sketches! I'd been doing a few rather lousy layouts for the carousel and hadn't felt inspired to create many more. Then I looked back through earlier layouts and I remembered that using sketches and embellishments helps avoid lousy layouts. I want to go back and perk up those lousy layouts.

Yesterday I was able to complete 11 layouts! That's not to be sneezed at. The sketches really made a difference. I also put photos on some of the layouts that I'd created earlier. I'm still attempting to use up my stash and not buy any more paper scrapping items. I can't tell that I've put much of a dent in the paper pile, nor the drawers, boxes and albums full of embellishments. The layouts for the carousel are small.

I also find myself counting layouts frequently. I have got 36 protectors in the first section and I'm not going to move any around. Today, I should be able to finish off the first 72 layouts for the carousel and I will be 1/3 complete. Tomorrow, with a little luck, I'll get to a sale and pick up a few more page protectors.

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