Wednesday, April 15, 2009


In my slogging through files to burn backup CDs of digiscrapping files, I discovered two zipped files that I'd never unzipped! I downloaded them and I hadn't ever used them. I hadn't even prepped them to be used!

When I get files from Ztampf! I tend to download a lot of files at one time. I go to my wish list and I put files from the wish list into my basket until I reach the dollar amount I've set. I know I'm getting files that I want, but I don't always remember all the different files. Sometimes I write down a list and then I check off the files as I unzip them and tag them for use. But I must have skipped these somewhere.

I'll change how I track what I've bought, so I don't do that again. I've heard that many shoppers find themselves purchasing and downloading files a second or even third time. I haven't done that yet and I hope I never do.

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