Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shopping Lists

I have this odd list of things that I keep on a shopping list for crafting stuff. For example, I need Post-it notes, so I can do a bit of masking with the Rosie's Roadshow stamps that I just got. That doesn't usually land on my shopping list. I want to get another box of invitation sized envelopes. I'm using them up more quickly than usual as I send daily notes to my stepson in boot camp. Heaven forbid that I run out! I had to get some 6"x9" envelopes, too.

Ink for two different printers, a storage system for those oddly shaped Color Box Chalk Ink pads with the curved ends and domed tops. (What were they thinking?!) There are all sorts of things on that shopping list. But none of them are things that I need to run out and get tomorrow. I'll manage without them until I run across them somewhere and they fit into the budget.

I really do have a crafting budget. You might not think that I do, but I have one. So far this month, I am not under budget, but I knew I wouldn't be. I rarely am. I need new clothes too. Because I have a choice, I skipped clothes and got stamps.

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