Saturday, August 30, 2008

Digital Scrapping Reference

I created a reference for my personal use that has instructions taken from several websites and rewritten so I can understand and find them all in one document. I was at a crop and ended up teaching a lady something about Photoshop other than adjusting photos. We blended a couple of pages together in different ways, played with inking edges using inner glow and she suddenly felt like she could do something with Photoshop that she could really use. She's got Elements, but since her husband teaches, she could probably scrape up a copy of CS3 at the educator's discount price.

All of the information I showed her, I got from on-line, free sources. Most of it was from Scrap Girls and a little was from a digiscrapping newsletter that I download when I remember. I also pointed her toward a couple of podcasts that I get and watch in small doses.

She taught me something in return. I know more about digital scrapbooking than I think I do and I can do some interesting things with my photos with very little effort. I knew digital scrapbooking wasn't that difficult, but I was stuck in the thought process that I must learn many different techniques before I could do anything at all and that simply is not true.

Armed with my own reference and a few books on Photoshop for photographers that I own, I'm going to try doing a digital crop instead of a paper one next week at Girl's Night Out. I'm kind of looking forward to just carrying a laptop, an extension cord, a couple of CDs and perhaps my external hard drive to a crop. If I'm feeling extravagant, I'll include my mouse rug and USB mouse. That's a lot less than a bulging crop tote and a tool bag.

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