Monday, August 11, 2008

Disney Parade Stuff

It took me forever to update my blog, because I've been slogging away at these two pages for far too long. There are eighteen photos on these two pages. The two flip files have nine each. It wasn't printing the photos that took forever. It wasn't the flip files that took forever, nor was it finding the right orange striped paper, or dealing with a poorly cut sticker sheet or shopping for rick-rack, or running out of 1/4" redline tape. It was each of those steps added on to the last step that made this page so time consuming.

It is almost done. Why almost? I still have to cut eight correctly spaced slots in my page protectors so the photos in the flip files will stick out and you can turn the pages and look at all eighteen photos without having to take the pages out of the album.

Do I like these pages? I like them a lot. They are taken from the Recollections Disney Scrapbook in a Day class that I have the directions for. I didn't design this page myself! Some of my favorite parade photos are on these pages. I put the particular Minnie photo on the front, because it cracks me up.

Beauty queens on parade floats are told to wave using an 'elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist, pearls' pattern. Minnie is in the 'pearls' step in that photo.


Helen said...

Who cares that you didn't design the pages yourself - you did a FAB job putting them together. They look so professional!

Cris A said...

Fabulous job!!

Lynn said...

These are awesome scrapbook pages with a great layout!!!
How did you ever get this many pictures on two pages with it turning out so wonderful?

Sherrie said...

Well it was definitely worth the hard work! Awesome pages! I love Disney too!

SeaStar Creations said...

great pages and you did so much work -- i'd be very proud :) and what a great way to remember what looked like a wonderful trip!