Saturday, March 19, 2011


Sorry, I've been lax...

Tip #77. There is another way to open Bridge, or Mini Bridge if you have CS5, than going through the Start | Programs, or the Chooser. There are icons you can click on in the menu bar of Photoshop for Bridge and Mini Bridge. Don’t laugh, but it was over a year before I learned they were there and what they did.

Tip #78. The Crop tool and the Rectangular Marquee will both work if you want to crop a picture into a specific size. The Crop tool is more flexible. For the Crop tool, you can enter your desired Width and Height, just as you can for the Marquee tool, using either numbers alone for ratios, or indicating a size in inches, centimeters, or pixels. Then, you draw your shape and drag it to where you want. The area you will crop away is shadowed. You can drag on the handles of the bounding box to adjust the size, or click and drag in the center to move the box around. To complete the crop, press Enter or Return, or click on the check in the options bar. For the Marquee tool, you have to go to Image | Crop after you have drawn and placed your selection, and opening the menu is much slower. But the Elliptical Marquee will allow you to crop to an oval, or a circle.

And now we should be caught up. OK?

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