Friday, March 11, 2011

Photoshop Tip of the Day

Tip #70. If you have something that’s the wrong size, or tilting the wrong direction, or both, you can Transform it. The keyboard shortcut is Command or Control and the letter T. The object on the active layer will have a bounding box with handles appear around it. Up in the Options bar, about the middle of the screen, there will be three pictures. One looks like a wedge shaped window above a curve and next to it are the international don’t sign and a check. If you want to cancel out of transform, making no changes, just click on a different tool, or click on that Don’t sign. To transform the object, just drag the bounding box handles. If you want to rotate the object move your cursor to a corner and it will change to a double ended, curved arrow. If you don’t want the object to distort as you transform it, press the shift key as you drag a corner, and it won’t go tall and skinny, or short and fat. It will just get larger, or smaller. If you are into a lot of numbers, you can enter values in the Options bar to change the size and shape. When you like your transformation, you can click on the check or press the Enter or Return key. Warp sometimes takes a couple of seconds to complete.

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