Sunday, March 6, 2011


Tip #65. The Preset Manager is a very, very useful thing. I usually use the Styles Panel drop down menu to open it. Like many things in Photoshop, you can get to it in several different ways. Once you have it open, you can use it to load styles. You can also delete styles that are loaded from a set of styles. You are just unloading them; you aren’t actually deleting the styles. If you have one style that you want out of a set of many, you can load the set, and then remove all but that one style. If you want to load several sets of styles at once, it’s a convenient way to do it. If you select a single style and click the Rename button you can give the style a more descriptive name to help you find it. Shadow-1, Shadow-2 and Shadow-3 can become Big Shadow, Bigger Shadow and Biggest Shadow.

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