Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Angel Company

A friend of mine is an Angel for this company. She handed me a catalog yesterday and I've sat down and looked through it from cover to cover. Hmmm.... there are a couple of stamps that I must have, to fill out my collection and there are one or two that I'd like to have, just because they are so much fun.

I also really liked the samples they gave at the beginning of the catalog, to help you with ideas of how to use their stamps. For some reason the books and magazines I have that are full of card samples didn't stimulate me to creativity like those few samples did. I think it was that they didn't overwhelm me with a thousand different ideas, there were five and I could grasp those five.

Now that's a concept. Do not look through books looking for the perfect idea. Take one idea and do something with it. Perhaps it won't be perfect. But it will be done. I think that's my challenge for today. Tomorrow, I'll post a photo of what I did with my one idea. Tonight, I'm making a new chicken dish for the Wonderful Husband and I'll have to concentrate on that or it might not turn out well. It might not turn out well anyway, but at least it won't be for lack of attention.

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