Monday, April 28, 2008


I'm looking for storage systems for my wood mounted stamps, for my ever-increasing paper stash, my scrapping tools like punches, and for my finished scrapbooks. I looked at Elfa and decided not to go that route. I'd prefer to have furniture, not metal baskets. I've had Elfa before and while I liked it, I don't want to go back. This means that I'll probably go with some custom cabinetry solution and get a free standing cabinet of some type. I'm not interested in putting things on wheels and moving them around. One of the systems that I like is a behind a door stamp storage system. That will only work for stamps, but it will work very well for stamps. I wouldn't mount it above a desk, as I'm a scrapper, not a stamper and I want my tools right within reach above my desk, not a lot of stamps. But, since I'm planning on setting myself up in a corner, I could put it to the side of my work space instead.

Another option would be to get a small cabinet, or a much larger one. I like the idea of the larger cabinet, but it is also designed to hide what I've got behind doors that I might not ever close. For folks that work out in a shared space, hiding your stuff makes sense, but in a working studio, it isn't a good idea. The best thing might be a bookcase. Didn't we just get two large bookcases?

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