Thursday, April 24, 2008


My mojo went a-wandering yesterday. I tidied up my scrap space, got out a lovely set of paper and then just stared at it. I couldn't make my hands move the paper around, pick up an ink pad or even move towards a pair of scissors. There was no muse.

I thought about running errands, but I finished a novel instead. Later in the day the muse returned enough that I got three layouts finished. But when I wanted to work on cards, which are difficult for me and work on a minibook in colors that I've been fighting with, three layouts feels like failure. No, not failure. Less than success. I had goals that I didn't meet, though I tried.

I have to work today, and won't have as much time in my scraproom. If Mojo and muse return, I could get more done today in less time. I'm not making any plans or setting any goals. You can't force the muse.

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