Saturday, April 26, 2008

Digital or Not?

Digital scrapping has a significant appeal to me, the digital connected, always plugged in person. But the learning curve is not one I feel like climbing right now. I'm having fun learning Disney Style scrapping and keeping up with my Club Scrap Kits. That's enough for now. The Disney Style scrapping is tricky. I want to create pages before the trip, but I'm limiting myself to creating things for the trip itself. Autograph stuff, cards to mail to friends and so on. After the trip, and I look through all the photos, I'll make the pages.

My next challenge is to select colors for an album. I've got a plan for a group of pages that can use a rainbow of colors, or I can pull paper that goes with a theme that I want to use. I'm feeling the need for purple, after a lot of blue and brown 'guy' pages. Purple can be very girly. This one will be my album, so I'm inclined to go for the girly.

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