Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stamping Hands

I get ink all over my hands when I stamp things. It isn't that I'm sloppy with the inkpads or with the inked up stamps. The cleaning process gets ink on my hands. I use squares of paper towel and a diluted Simple Green solution in a spray bottle. I could use a fancy stamp cleaning system, but I find they aren't as effective and leave my stamps looking inked. Ick.

When the ink bleeds through the paper towel, my hands get covered in ink. I found at Angelas a soap for artists and mechanics that takes the ink right off. It's green and kind of minty smelling. I've learned not to scrub many times in a stamping session, because it is a harsh soap and will dry my skin out very quickly.

I need to get more bars of this soap for my mechanic husband to use. It should get the grease and gunk right off his hands after a day turning wrench.

I haven't even looked at purple paper. I'm hip deep in cardmaking at the moment and don't want to interrupt the muse. My muse is an elusive and skittish one, taking flight at the least opportunity. When she is with me, I must move with speed, lest she escape before I finish a project.

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