Saturday, January 2, 2010


I'm thinking about creating a slide show of a selection of the digital layouts that I've done. I was looking through my directories of finished layouts and I realized that I've been a busy woman. In 2009, I completed about 150 layouts. I don't even look through my own layouts that often. All that work, safely backed up, but more or less ignored.

Another option would be to print out the layouts and display them with my paper scrapping work. Yes, everyone in the family owns a computer. Everyone. But would they care about looking at a slideshow? Would they sit through it? I think it would get looked at once and then put somewhere 'safe' and never looked at again.

I know I look through my own computer every so often, but more often, I show people the paper scrapbooks. Would I be happier getting books printed, or would I prefer to print my layouts at 12" x 12" and put them into the stash of paper scrapping albums that I already own? I could then tell myself that I'm being frugal.

I also don't want to have to decide on some kind of order for a book. If I put pages into albums, I can adjust the order.

Well, no matter what, nothing will get printed unless I convert the files to .jpgs, instead of layered .psds. That's going to be the thing that keeps me busy for a while.

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