Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back and Forth with the Kit-Kat Woman

So, Jaguarwoman is asking not only that I read and agree to her TOU, but that I fill out a second set of forms, giving my personal data. It is clear that she is defending her rights to the Nth degree.

It is not as clear what she is doing to protect MY privacy. I don't trust her. An entry on her basic form to submit was NOT marked as required data, but when I left it blank, I got an error message saying that I hadn't filled out all the required parts and that entry was required.

That's a significant oversight in terms of web design. When I add that to the mish mash of navigation on her website, (A link from the home page went to a 404 error?) I don't care if she's designing the absolute ultimate in digital scrapping and giving it all away for free. I don't want her stuff.

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