Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I recently got an e-mail asking permission to use some reference material I have had up on the web for years and years, on my 'real' webpage, which is at www.lazywench.com. Honest, it really has been up there for years. The Ontario Country Register, available across the US and Canada is for needleworkers of all types and contains ads and articles on sewing, quilting, embroidery and so on.

It seems that I have written a three part article for them and the first part is taking 1/2 of a page. Since it's one of those 'mini newspapers' 1/2 page is a lot of real estate.

Can I complain? Nope. They asked permission, I gave it and asked for a copy of the magazine in question. They sent a copy of the first issue. I expect to see copies of the second and third issues, too.

This is what I get when I post information on an obscure topic and then it stays on-line for years. I have turned into a resource.

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