Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Waiting for a Sale

Ya'll know I love, love, love the digital scrapbook supplies created by Lie Fhung of Ztampf. I've got a whole lot of her stuff and use it frequently. I recently went through her website and put a bunch of things onto my wish list. At one point my wish list of Ztampf items was three pages long. She had a sale and my wish list got short. It's only one page long now, but that one page would cost me about $55, should I get everything right now.

I'm going to wait for a sale. I might have a long wait, but I can wait. At last count, I have over 60 of her kits and packs and add-ons.

I spent time today going through a couple of sections in my Renee Pearson books. I'm going to have to double check her instructions against CS3, because some of the things she is talking about are from Photoshop Elements 4.0 and they are not at all the same. There are things that she has you do from scratch, that you don't have to do from scratch and there are automated things that no longer work the way she describes them.

There are also a few times in the text that Renee guides you through steps to set up your workspace. But the settings she gives are personal preferences and not the way that I work. I've crossed them out and written notes to myself. She also will do mini step by mini step directions and then suddenly there's a direction that isn't in mini steps, but is simply a 'get this end result' direction, with no help at all as to how to get that end result. Kind of like, 1. Open box by pulling red tab at left side, just below top of box. 2. Remove lid and set aside. 3. Build structure from pieces contained in box.

I was reading while walking on the treadmill at the gym, which is pretty darned bright. I had difficulty with the tan text on camel background. Nil for contrast and a PITA to read. Very, very annoying!

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